ASackmanAdam grew up in rural Snohomish County, Washington, spending most of his early life hiking, camping, and exploring in the western Cascades.  He first arrived in the Palouse in 2011 to attend classes at Washington State University where he subsequently completed his B.A. in Anthropology in 2012.  Following the conclusion of his B.A., Adam moved to the UK to attend the University of York.  In 2014 he received his M.A. in Medieval Archaeology, graduating with merit.  His dissertation, Changing Religious Identities in the Late Medieval Period, examined the interplay between state and church doctrine with individual belief in the English county of Yorkshire at the beginning of the historic period.  Adam returned to the Palouse and began working with Plateau Archaeological Investigations in the summer of 2015.  He has since enjoyed participating in numerous projects within the Columbia Plateau.