Matt MarinoMatt was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where he spent most of his childhood years camping and plotting his escape north.  He began his college career as a zoology major, but changed to anthropology once he realized people might pay him to do archaeology.  He graduated from the University of Florida with honors and honest attempts at geology, paleontology, and fantasy football.

Matt moved to the Palouse in 2012 to attend Washington State University. He recently finished his Master’s thesis in Winter 2014 on dogs, their burials, and the relationships they maintain with humans in the Gulf of Georgia region in British Columbia.

Matt has extensive coastal archaeological experience in the Southeast and Northwest Coast, and has worked on research and contract projects in Florida, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and British Columbia.  Matt is a trained faunal analyst, but has dabbled in Southwestern ceramic analysis and geoarchaeology on the plateau. He enjoys food, beer, sports, funding packages, music, hiking, camping, discount cheeses, and dogs, preferably all at once.