TFulkerson_02Tiffany Fulkerson grew up in the Pacific Northwest; spending time both in Portland and Spokane. After earning her M.A. in Anthropology and History from Eastern Washington University,  she became a doctoral candidate and instructor in the Department of Anthropology at Washington State University. Her research interests include feminist and intersectional archaeology, gender equity issues in anthropology, human responses to climate and environmental change, and Paleoindians of North America.

Tiffany has experience with human osteology, paleoethnobotany, geoarchaeology, zooarchaeology, and lithics lab and field techniques. She has ten years of experience working in cultural resource management where she has engaged in and supervised intensive cultural resource surveys (Class III), monitoring, testing and probing, and data recovery. She is versed in Section 106, ARPA, NEPA, and NAGPRA compliance and tribal consultation. Plateau welcomed Tiffany to the team in the spring of 2017.