20 NE Spoil Bank Crushing and Stockpiling Project

The Grant County Public Works Department proposed to crush spoils remaining from the construction of the East Low Canal.  The proposed undertaking is designated as the 20 NE Spoil Bank Crushing and Stockpiling project, and the project area property is owned by the U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation.  The area of potential effects, or Project Area, covers 40 acres.  The project will include crushing and stockpiling an existing spoil bank excavated during construction of the East Low Canal as part of the Columbia Basin Project, created 65 years ago.  The spoil bank will be removed and crushed down to the elevation of native soils.  The aggregate will be stockpiled on-site for future road maintenance needs.  The existing access road on the West side of the East Low Canal will be maintained in its current state.

A cultural resource survey of the 20 NE Spoil Bank Crushing and Stockpiling Project is intended to identify previously unrecorded archaeological resources and potential historic properties in the Project Area prior to planned ground disturbing activities.  Pre-field research revealed nine previously recorded cultural resources and no previously conducted cultural resource surveys within 1.0 mile of the Project Area.  None of the recorded sites are in the Project Area.

The fieldwork included inspection techniques to identify both surface and subsurface archaeological resources.  Pedestrian survey of the 20 NE Spoil Bank Crushing and Stockpiling Project Area revealed a single sanitary can near the south boundary of the proposed work area.  The can was noted, but not formally recorded.  In addition, recent disturbance along the west edge was noted.  Sixteen subsurface probes were excavated, none of which revealed any evidence of cultural materials or deposits.  It is the opinion of Plateau that this project will result in No Historic Properties Affected.

Location:  Grant County, Washington

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