A visit from Sam Reed, Washington’s Secretary of State

Jenny Harder, David Harder and Sam Reed

Plateau was honored by a visit from Sam Reed, the Washington Secretary of State.  The Secretary of State is most visibly responsible for election integrity, but the list of duties is much more extensive.  Some of the Secretary’s other functions include filing acts of legislature, registering trademarks, maintaining public records, and registering and licensing businesses, corporations and non-profit organizations.

Mr. Reed asked to visit us at Plateau because he knows that we conduct projects for state agencies, and wanted to inquire about the processes that we follow.  Plateau and Mr. Reed discussed the importance of state archival materials, and the usefulness of those materials for background research.  Mr. Reed told us that his tenure has focused not only on insuring the safety and security of more than 500 million documents, but that he is dedicated to making those documents and materials easily accessible to the public for historical, genealogical, and other types of research.

See the Secretary of State’s web page for more information about the official duties of Mr. Reed and his office.

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