An Audience with the King

About a year ago there were whispers on the wind.  Rumors, really.  The boy king was touring the United States, and he was making an appearance in Seattle.  I became giddy with anticipation.  I made my sons watch every video he starred in.  And, no, I’m not referring to Justin Beiber.*  I’m referring to Tutankhamun.  He and a few select pharaohs are currently featured at the Pacific Science Center.

The exhibit features over 100 artifacts that help illustrate the role of family, religion, and power of thepharaohs during the Golden Age of Ancient Egypt.  Through exquistely carved figurines and statues, the audience is introduced to pharaohs, not as unpronounceable names in a yellowed text book, but as mothers, as fathers, and as children.  My sons excitedly led us through these galleries, fascinated by every artifact.

Their excitement was almost uncontainable as we neared King Tut’s tomb.  Entrance into the gallery is via a mock-up tent opening, and as you slip into the role, you become witness as Howard Carter proudly introduced the world to Tatankhamun.  The remaining galleries correspond to the four rooms within Tutankhamun’s tomb: the Antechamber, the Annex, the Treasury, and the Burial Chamber.  Tutankhamun’s mummy has never left Egypt, and again rests in the Valley of the Kings.  There is an exact replica, created through CT scans, on display at the Pacific Science Center, reminding us the important role modern technological advances have on archaeology and understanding material culture.

This is the last time this exhibit will be displayed in the United States, and Plateau encourages everyone to venture into Ancient Egypt and have an audience with The King.

Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs runs through January 6, 2013.  For more information, check out The Pacific Science Center website at

*For those of you seeking Justin Beiber tour dates, he’ll be touring the Northwest during the month of October (

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