City of Airway Heights Water Reservoir and Transmission Main Project

The City of Airway Heights is proposing to install a water transmission main and reservoir to increase flow and capacity to its municipal water system.  The area of potential effect (APE) includes 7,370 linear feet of pipeline installation along Hayford Road and Deno Road and an area measuring 200 feet x 200 feet for the construction of the reservoir.  The project area covers a total of about 4.2 acres and is located within the traditional territory of the Spokane Tribe of Indians.

The project may be partly funded by Washington State Capital funds, and as such, the managing agency must meet the requirements of the Executive Order 05-05 and consider the potential impacts to historic properties prior to project execution.

There are no previously recorded cultural resources located within the APE, and no new cultural resources were located.  Although cultural resources were not found during this survey, the presence of many Native American archaeological sites in the vicinity prompted the Spokane Tribe of Indians to request monitoring of project related ground disturbing activity to ensure no cultural resources are impacted by the proposed development.

Location: Spokane County, Washington

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