City of Wenatchee Well Project

The City of Wenatchee conducted exploratory well drilling and testing at two locations near Rock Island Dam in Chelan County. The testing occurred on land owned by the Chelan County Public Utility District No. 1, and the project’s Area of Potential Effect was found to intersect portions of a previously recorded archaeological site.

The cultural resources survey and initial archival work was intended to identify potential archaeological resources and potential historic properties in the Project Area prior to planned ground disturbing activities. A review of previously recorded cultural resources and archaeological surveys found 25 archaeological resources and 12 previously conducted surveys within 1.0 mile of the Project Area.

Plateau archaeologists conducted pedestrian survey that covered the entire Project Area, and placed 26 subsurface probes, 13 within each of the exploration areas. No precontact or historic-era cultural materials or features were identified during the subsurface probing; however, during pedestrian survey, Plateau archaeologists identified seven lithic artifacts. These artifacts were all located within the existing site; and no other cultural materials were observed outside of the boundaries of the existing site.

To avoid any impacts to this site, Plateau recommended that the project proponent reduce the Primary Exploration Area to exclude all portions of the previously recorded site. Any discharge pipes would also be rerouted to avoid the site. Furthermore, Plateau recommended all ground disturbing activities take place under the guidance of an Inadvertent Discovery Plan (IDP). In the event that cultural materials are encountered during project execution, the IDP provides appropriate protocols and procedures to follow in accordance with state and federal laws.

Location: Chelan County

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