City of Winchester Water Project

The City of Winchester proposed to upgrade the city’s water system by adding two new water sources and a reservoir to their municipal system.  Three possible well locations and an existing spring development were proposed as water sources.  An additional well location was investigated as an alternative water source.  Wells will occupy a 20-x-20-foot area.  A 300,000-gallon tank will stand west of the city park, and replace the existing tank.  Approximately 12,200 feet (2.3 miles) of waterline will be installed to connect the sources to the system.

The project will be partly funded by a USDA-Rural Development grant.  Since this project is partly funded by federal money, the City of Winchester must meet the requirements of the Section 106 of the NHPA, and consider the potential impacts to historic properties prior to project execution.

The pedestrian survey and subsurface investigations of the proposed City of Winchester Water Project resulted in no newly recorded cultural resources.  The active spring, protected by large boulder rip-rap and fitted with at least two water conveyances, will be enhanced.  The proposed waterline is limited to an existing modern transportation infrastructure environment.  Portions of the waterline (along U.S. Highway 95/Joseph Avenue) will follow a ditch and underground utility.  Portions of the waterline (along U.S. Highway 95/Clark Street) will follow an existing underground utilities ditch or at the edge of a steep shoulder.  Subsurface investigations at the proposed reservoir revealed a series of fill episodes.  Subsurface investigations at the three proposed well locations did not contain cultural materials or features.   No further archaeological investigations were recommended prior to or during execution of the proposed undertaking.

Location:  Lewis County, Idaho

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