A key concern of the Cultural Resource Management industry is conservation of Heritage and Cultural sites and materials. Conservation may also be focused on the maintenance and protection of natural water and soil resources. Recommendations for these types of projects may include mitigation for things like soil erosion on riverbanks, the approval of planned ground-disturbing construction, planting of trees or shrubs, and installation of fences, pipeline, or troughs.  Plateau has completed many conservation projects including those focused on riparian efforts and those conducted through the Palouse Conservation District.

Related Services

Preliminary Review And PCRRs

Conducting database and historical map review to assess the potential of cultural resource presence and disturbance within the project.


Archaeological monitoring includes the observation of construction and development excavation activities. We can help you identify, recover, protect, and/or document cultural resources in the site area.

Cultural Resource Management

provide our clients with all of the information to successfully complete their projects while also protecting cultural resources that may exist in a Project Area.

Inadvertent Discovery Plan

This plan is used for monitoring projects, projects with limited surface visibility, and is required by some state and local agencies.

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