Curlew Lake Private Development Monitoring

After an archaeological data recovery from a known site near Curlew Lake in 2008, it was determined that the deposits of two proposed home sites were of enough cultural import to mitigate the impact to this site from construction. Thus, Plateau was retained for archaeological monitoring of the mechanical excavations of home construction on these two lots.

Approximately 230.7 cubic meters (m3) (301.8 cubic yards [yd3]) of sediment was excavated, and sediments were consistent with those encountered during the archaeological excavations.  The majority of the sediment is a poorly sorted coarse sand and gravel matrix consistent with glacial outwash. The A horizon contained cultural materials from the site, and varied in depth across the project area. Chipped stone debitage was observed during mechanical excavation., but no formal tools or intact cultural features were observed.

Location: Ferry County, Washington

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