East Side Liberty Lake Improvement Club Water System Update

The East Side Liberty Lake Improvement Club (ESLLIC) secured funding to assist with upgrades to their water supply system.  The proposed undertaking includes the demolition of an existing booster station, a 20,000-gallon reservoir, and well pump station.  The ESLLIC will then construct a new building to house the well, pumps, and electrical equipment in the same location.

Pre-field research consisted of the review of known archaeological resources within a 1.0-mi. (1.6-km) radius of the Project Area as inventoried on the Washington Information System for Architectural and Archaeological Records Data (WISAARD) at the Washington State Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP) in Olympia, Washington.

The fieldwork was completed in a manner consistent with Washington State Senate Bill 5282 amending RCW 27.53.030, and included inspection techniques to identify both surface and subsurface archaeological resources.  The pedestrian survey and subsurface investigations for the East Side Liberty Lake Improvement Club Water System Update Project resulted in no newly recorded archaeological resources during the pedestrian survey or subsurface investigations.  The proposed undertaking will result in No Historic Properties Affected, and no further archaeological investigations are recommended prior to, or during, execution of this project.

Location:  Spokane County, Washington

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