Goldendale Flood Plain Sewer Collection System Improvement Survey

The City of Goldendale is proposing to refurbish the municipal sewer collection system. The majority of the project will replace the existing sewer line in situ with new sewer pipe, but some portions will require new construction. Plateau conducted a culture resource survey in 2013 and identified buried cultural deposits, and this survey was meant to determine the limits of areas requiring archaeological monitoring during project implementation.

Project plans include approximately 7,300 linear feet (2,225 meters) of new sewer mainline and a new lift station. Anticipated impacts include excavations, compaction of sediments, and other ground disturbing construction activities. The project will be funded through the Washington State Department of Ecology’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) and the Public Works Trust Fund. The CWSRF is a loan provided to the state by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to fund capital construction loans and to ensure compliance with clean water rules

Cultural resource survey and sub surface investigations of the City of Goldendale Sewer System Improvement Project resulted in 10 new cultural resources identified over the course of two culture resource surveys. The identified archaeological sites and isolate are not individually or collectively eligible for the NRHP due to a lack of depositional context, identifiable cultural features, and/or diagnostic artifacts that would necessitate protection or further study of these resources. However, given the existence of cultural material over a wide area and the presence of FCR and bone in some of the positive probes, there is the possibility of encountering intact cultural deposits during implementation of the project.

Location: Klickitat County, Washington

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