Grant County Private Parcels

Occasionally landowners contact Plateau to assist them in the permitting stages of making improvements to their property. If there are known cultural resources within the vicinity of the proposed project areas, county planning departments require a survey by a qualified archaeologist be completed prior to issuing a permit. Such was the case for two landowners wanting to improve parcels of land within the same area of Grant County who called Plateau to complete the surveys.

A review of previously recorded cultural resources and archaeological surveys for each parcel revealed that one site is located within both of the parcels.

Plateau archaeologists conducted pedestrian survey that covered both Project Areas, and placed several subsurface probes where possible, contingent upon surface conditions and the location of subsurface utilities. No precontact or historic-era cultural materials or features were identified during the pedestrian survey and subsurface probing of one Project Area; however, archaeologists identified a scatter of five pieces of lithic material during the pedestrian survey of the other Project Area. Nothing was found in the subsurface probes.

The results of the background review and field survey indicate that the previously recorded site is likely not represented within either Project Area; multiple cultural resource surveys indicate the site is now inundated. However, given the high potential for additional cultural materials, and the fact that a small site with five pieces of lithic debitage was found, Plateau recommends that all ground disturbing activities for each area should occur under the guidance of an Inadvertent Discovery Plan (IDP). In the event that additional cultural materials are encountered during implementation of this project, the IDP provides appropriate protocols and procedures to follow in accordance with state and federal laws.

Location: Grant County, Washington

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