Habitat for Humanity ~ Genesee

The Plateau crew geared up for Habitat for Humanity again, and headed to Genesee, Idaho on Saturday, September 27th. Anticipating that we were good at digging, the Codger Crew immediately assigned some of us to dig holes for the construction of a front porch. Digging in the unfamiliar key of “inches” proved difficult, but we managed. Precise measurement and placement of holes and careful digging through the compact sediment took some time. Thankfully it only took a few minutes to determine how misaligned our holes were, and judicious wall chopping resulted in the proper alignment. We were not allowed to screen the sediment, but Michelle determined it to be a 10YR4/4 (dark yellowish brown), culturally-sterile sediment. Construction efforts pressed on. After a promotion for good behavior and not being afraid of heights, Matt joined David on the roof for weather-proofing, shingling, and generally throwing things around. We were fortunate to work alongside the future homeowner, who has been volunteering at the job site every weekend since construction began. The Plateau crew highly recommends the rewarding experience of contributing to a Habitat for Humanity project, and the delicious lunch that accompanies it.

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