Habitat for Humanity

On Saturday, July 7, Plateau crew volunteered to help on the Palouse Habitat for Humanity project in Uniontown on what felt to be the hottest day of the year.  The construction of this project is interesting in that the builders are pursuing a LEED certification.  The exterior walls of the structure were built with 2×4 construction.  Our crew helped to build interior 2×4 constructed walls that were raised and placed with a 3.75 inch gap from the exterior wall.  The walls will be insulated with vertical insulation in the studs and horizontal insulation in the space between the walls.  During the build, Chris Noll lead a team placing fire block at the ceiling between the interior and exterior walls.  Two of our team got to dig some dirt outside for the water service trench, and claim that no significant cultural resources were identified.  The rest of the crew were busy intermittently laying out walls, bending nails, trying to stay hydrated, and enjoying the Subway lunch provided.

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