Inner Demon Motorsports

Last year we had two inventory projects in Stevens County.  Not only did the area blossom with mining features, but the terrain offered mostly steep overgrown hillsides broken only by old, narrow logging and mining roads that had been partly reclaimed by nature, or narrow drainages that had been claimed by moose.  Meanwhile, the weather fluctuated randomly as if the cable channel forecasters had some sway in its range of hot to cold and dry to rainy.  Our crew handled themselves admirably with the conditions…in spite of a dearth of enticing regional cuisine.

Between the two projects we put the Yamaha Rhino in the capable hands of Brian at Inner Demon Motorsports.  He set us up with a roll cage, a rear seat, four point harnesses, doors, and high intensity headlights.  The Rhino became a full-on crew transport.  It saved many miles of walking up steep, overgrown roads.  Cruising along the forest roads in the morning helped reconcile the crew to the day’s weather in a high speed manner.  And at the end of the day, the Rhino provided a welcome sight to the survey weary crew.  Somehow, being whipped by foliage on the ride out at the end of the day wasn’t nearly as insulting as reaching the end of a long transect to realize you still needed to hike out to the pickup.   Thank you Brian!

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