Johnson Creek Water Users Association – Uranium Mitigation – DWSRF Project #DP11-952-018

The Johnson Creek Water Users Association’s current supply produces unacceptable levels of uranium to its 35 users.  The plan, however, they plan to drill up to three new wells, construct a pumphouse, and install a water transmission line that will provide additional water and mitigate uranium in the current system.  The project is partly funded by the Washington State Department of Health’s 2011 Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF).

The new wells will each be a 6-inch diameter bore reaching approximately 150 feet deep.  Ground disturbance, other than the well, will include clearing vegetation around the area where the drill rig will be stationed, construction of a 10 x 10 foot well house, installation of approximately 2,500 feet of 4-inch water transmission pipeline to connect the well to the existing system, and installation of the necessary fittings, meters, and other devices.  A pit may also be excavated to contain the well spoils during drilling.  Installation of about 2,400 ft of new electrical line may be necessary to directly replace the existing electrical service with a more robust service for the additional well(s).

Plateau Archaeological Investigations performed background review, pedestrian survey, and limited subsurface probing of the project area.  The field investigation included systematic pedestrian transects across the project area, and excavation of two subsurface probes.  No evidence of historic properties was found during the background review and field investigation for the Johnson Creek Water Users Association – Uranium Mitigation – DWSRF Project #DP11-952-018.  It is the opinion of Plateau that execution of the project will result in No Historic Properties Affected.

Location: Okanogan County, Washington

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