Loan Springs Isolation Structure and Loan Springs Fish Barrier Project

As part of the Columbia Basin Project (CBP), the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) has developed the Potholes Supplemental Feed Route Project to provide additional irrigation water to the southern reaches of the CBP.  The Loan Springs Isolation Structure and Loan Springs Fish Barrier Project is the proposed construction of an isolation structure and fish barrier facilities to improve habitat on Crab Creek.  The area of potential effect is located in two non-contiguous locales, and covers 8.0 acres.

Background research indicated that a previously recorded pre-contact site lay in or near one of the project localities.  Plateau completed an intensive survey of the proposed undertakings, and found no surface indications of the site, however subsurface investigations revealed the site extends to the north.  Plateau’s investigations were limited to the footprint of the proposed undertaking, and the extent of the site could not be established.  Plateau recommended additional subsurface investigations to further define site boundaries prior to executing the proposed undertakings.

Location: Grant County, Washington

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