Millwood Trail

The City of Spokane proposed to construct a trail from Spokane Community College to Felts Field. The project will be at least partially funded and administered by the Federal Highway Administration, through the Transportation Alternatives Program. Plateau Archaeological Investigations was retained to conduct the cultural resource survey of the proposed undertaking.

A review of previously recorded cultural resources and archaeological surveys found six archaeological resources and twenty previously conducted surveys within a mile of the project area. Plateau archaeologists performed a pedestrian survey that covered the entire project area, and placed nine subsurface probes within the area of potential effect. The locations for the groupings of probes were chosen during pedestrian survey and were restricted to unpaved portions of the Project Area and those which would not encounter underground utilities. Areas were selected that presented a high likelihood of encountering cultural materials, based on close proximity to the Spokane River. No precontact or historic-era cultural materials or features were identified during the subsurface probing. However, due to the project’s proximity to the Spokane River, Plateau recommended that all ground-disturbing activities should proceed under the guidance of an Inadvertent Discovery Plan.

Location: Spokane County, WA

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