OB-3 Resource Management’s Process Water Pipeline Project

Plateau Archaeological Investigations conducted a cultural resource survey of a proposed 8.5-mile pipeline in Warden for OB-3 Resource Management.  The pipeline will carry potato process water from the existing City of Warden wastewater facility to a proposed storage basin for cropland irrigation.  The majority of the pipeline runs adjacent to existing paved roads, gravel roads, agricultural fields, and lawns.  Ground disturbance included a trench 2.0 feet wide and reaching a depth of 6.0 feet.  At the Lind Coulee crossing, the pipeline will be suspended underneath an existing bridge.  Plans at the East Low Canal crossing include boring beneath this man-made feature.

A history of facility maintenance, road construction, ground cultivation, and underground utilities left the proposed project heavily disturbed.  No cultural resources were identified during the pedestrian survey or subsurface investigations of this proposed project.

Location: Adam County, Grant County

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