Philmont Scout Ranch

Just to set the record straight, and so that our readers don’t think I was simply goofing off for the last three weeks, I was privileged to help accompany six Boy Scouts to the Philmont Scout Ranch near Cimarron, New Mexico.  If you are not familiar with Philmont, it is 214 square miles of wilderness that was gifted to the BSA to provide outdoor opportunities for the Boy Scouts, Venturers, and others with 34 staffed camps, 55 trail camps, hiking, climbing, fishing, wildlife, and clean air.  This year Philmont is set to welcome its one-millionth visitor.  Although the Pacific Northwest provides ample opportunities for our Scouts to participate in outdoor activities, it was nice to see the high adventure base that provides such a rich variety of scouting activities and challenges for Scouts and Venturers nationwide.  We completed a trek that covered over 55 miles and stayed in themed camps representing a Mexican homestead, a trappers camp, a miners camp, and the hunting and fishing lodges that were built by Waite Phillips (who donated much of the property to the BSA).

While on our journey, the other adult adviser on the trip, Thom Allen, blogged our activities.  You can see more pictures and information about the trek his journal pages (Journal 1 and Journal 2).

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