Plateau Archaeological Investigations Unveils a New Website

Thank you for clicking-in to our newly updated web page.  We had received many positive comments about our previous website, but wanted to try to keep it fresh, make it easier to add new content, and provide some additional information to help people understand the world of cultural resource management.  We have had some excellent help putting this new website together and the Plateau team has been excited about showing a small sample of the projects we have completed.  We hope to keep this blog current with information about professional development, conferences attended, papers given, and posters presented.  We may even occasionally throw in some more personal items that help us showcase our personal goals.

You should be able to see a news feed to the side of this blog post.  This is a general archaeology news feed that is gleaned from the web.  If there is an interesting story or development about regional archaeology, or a news item that pertains to our professional or personal goals and interests, we will hope to memorialize those with a link and a quick description on this blog.

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