Plateau on the Road: Deda Auto Repair

Remember the TV show “Cheers”? Everyone yelled “NORM” whenever he would enter the bar and they’d slide him a pint of foamy beer. It was a happy, friendly place where everybody knew your name. (As referenced by the theme song.) Well, Deda Auto Repair, located in Pullman, Washington, is sort of like that. You can be sure that Jorg, the owner, will holler out your name in a friendly greeting. While Jorg might not slide us a pint, be it of beer or oil, we generally are looking for an oil change, brake work, or regular maintenance. Jorg specializes in working on import cars, however, he’s been known to help folks out with domestic types as well.

Jenny first took her 1972 Bug to Deda back in the wee days of 1990 when Jorg’s father was still working on cars. That’s a significantly lengthy history of confidence and satisfaction in Deda Auto Repair’s skills. With Plateau’s five main field vehicles, as well as the team’s personal rides, Jorg tells us we have a standing appointment. Which is really appreciated since it would be disturbing to send our crew out into the wild, lonely, and infrequently cell covered project areas without properly maintained transportation. Thanks for keeping Plateau on the Road, Jorg!

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