Plateau on the Road: Mmmmm, Fresh Salsa & Pupusa

We are spicy food fiends and one of the best ways to get some heat is at one of the many Mexican restaurants around eastern Washington. Nuevo Amanecer, a Mexican-Salvadorean  restaurant, in Pasco, Washington offers a whole table of freshly made salsas in a wide range of styles and heat. Meals are easy to order a with numbered photo menu board, affordable  prices, and freshly made once you’ve placed your order.  We’ve become quite enamored with Salvadorean Pupusas, which are hand formed masa dough balls filled with queso fresco, then flattened and grilled. (Pupusas have been described as thick quesadillas, but they are SO MUCH MORE!) Perhaps the most difficult realization is that your stomach is not going to be able to eat everything on the menu, let alone one meal, in a sitting. David and John’s families request  pupusas, cabbage curtido, and salsa  verde from Nuevo Amanecer whenever they are passing through the Tri-Cities.

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