Plateau on the Road: On the road again… …and again…and again…


Dust and dirt keep unfurling,

   While vehicle wheels keep on turning,

   Miles keep the petrol burning,

   Map corners begin curling,

   Brains and stomachs initiate yearning.

Plateau peeps spend a tremendous amount of time on the road. We’ve made some delightful discoveries along the way, that really, truly, have nothing to do with CRM (Cultural Resource Management) and everything to do with our quirky sense of humor, an eye for the scenic artistry of the regions we visit, and the gastrointestinal delicacies we crave.

When we get together during our M.O.M. (Meetings On Monday) we, of course, discuss the status of current projects. However, we balance the serious with drool worthy conversations covering the locations of newly discovered coffee shacks, taco wagons, exceptional breweries, and epicurean destinations.

Many thumb wars have been fought between crew over who will participate on projects with known good eats and nearby breweries, as well as craziest terrain and what wild life might be encountered. (*The best BEAR story wins!*)

CRM is about location. Where are we working? And, more importantly, where are we eating?

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