Plateau on the Road: Queen of Sheba

Whenever we are in Spokane our team likes to indulge in Ethiopian food. The Queen of Sheba, located in the Flour Mill, offers food that you really can “dig” your hands into. While sipping on aromatic Ethiopian spiced tea and house roasted Ethiopian coffee we took advantage of the offered towelettes. Almaz, the owner, suggested ordering a lunch special, which was a great way to try out four of the vegetarian selections, as well as Yebeg Alich’A, a savory lamb dish. Arriving in a colorful, large, round basket, our food was arranged in delicious little mounds on top of a giant, spongy pancake called Injera. Several other smaller pancakes were rolled up on the edges to use as pinching scoops. A tiny spoon was tucked along side of the basket for those whose talent does not lend to eating with only hands. (Or in case Mr. Monk was inadvertently invited to dine. Not that we have anything against Mr. Monk, it just would be an uncomfortable eating style for anyone with hand touching “issues”…or people who don’t like to share food.)

Almaz was wonderfully attentive and told us all about the natural ingredients that she selects to create Queen of Sheba’s amazing dishes. Had we been able to manage dessert, we would have jumped on the Baklava…or at least brought some back for the office.

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