Plateau on the Road: The Breadline Cafe

Mmmm, The Breadline Café in Omak, Washington is one of the reasons Plateau crew originally started thumb wrestling over projects.  Omak is  home of the Omak Stampede and World Famous Suicide Race.  Fittingly, the Breadline offers their own zippy “Suicide Sauce” bottled in Omak’s original bottling plant, which also houses the restaurant.

Belly satisfying fare includes Portobello Neptune, Taj Mahal Salad, sirloin steak stuffed with bleu cheese, Florentine Crepes, burgers, house made breads, and desserts. Thirst quenchers cover the gamut from Cowgirl Lemonade, Suicide Marys, or Stallion Margaritas, in addition to excellent espresso and a variety of healthful juiced up fruits and veggies.  Those of us who have made personal trips to Omak have enjoyed the Breadline’s amazing Saturday Brunch.  The Breadline Café boasts “buckin’ good food”, and we fully agree!

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