Riverside Water District Improvements

Plateau Archaeological Investigations conducted a cultural resource survey for the proposed Riverside Water District Improvements in the Community of Riverside and Town of Orofino, Idaho.  The project included the installation of approximately 8,400 linear feet of 12-inch main; 7,600 linear feet of 8-inch waterline; and the construction of a 40-foot diameter water tank.  With the exception of proposed line traversing public right-of-way adjacent to residential property, installation was within existing paved roadway.  Trenching would not exceed 5 feet in depth.

A history of residential construction, road building, and underground utility installations (e.g., sewer and water) left the project area heavily disturbed.  Additionally, this area is within the steep slope abutting Riverside and appears too steep for habitation, especially compared to the flat terrace directly north.  Due to the amount of disturbance, Plateau recommended no further archaeological investigations prior to or during execution of the project in this portion.

One Native American archaeological site was previously recorded in and adjacent to the eastern portion of the project, on a flat terrace overlooking the Clearwater River.  The exact size of the site was unknown, and due to its location at, or near the site that Plateau recommended archaeological monitoring during mechanical excavations in this area of the project.  This ethnographic site is known today as the Lewis and Clark Canoe Camp site.  It is the location where the Corps of Discovery reached navigable waters after crossing the Bitterroot Mountains.  The Corps of Discovery camped here in late-September / early-October 1805 and built five canoes for their travels to the Pacific Ocean.

Location: Clearwater County, Idaho

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