Spring Development and Livestock Watering System Project

Plateau provided a cultural resource survey for a landowner proposing a conservation project in order to consider the potential impacts to historic properties prior to project execution. The project will involve constructing upgrades to one existing spring development, and the development of a second spring. Each development will include vertical placement of a 4-foot diameter culvert, a water trough, a pipeline connecting the spring development and water trough, an overflow pipeline, and fencing to protect the well development.

Pre-field research revealed no previously identified cultural materials within a mile of the project. The Washington Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation’s predictive model places the project in an area of “Moderate Risk” for encountering cultural resources and a “Survey [is] Recommended.”

Archaeologists Adam Sackman and Tiffany Fulkerson conducted pedestrian surveys of the Project Area; one encompassing the existing spring development, and another encompassing the proposed spring development. They excavated a single subsurface probe near the existing spring development and another single subsurface probe near the proposed spring development. No Native American or historic-era cultural materials or features were observed during the pedestrian surveys or the excavations. Plateau recommended that the proposed undertaking will result in No Historic Properties Affected, and no further archaeological investigations are recommended prior to, or during, execution of this project.

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