The Liberty Lake Water Reclamation Facility Project, Spokane County, Washington

The Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District is planning upgrades to the municipal water reclamation facility located in the city of Liberty Lake, Spokane County, Washington.  Upgrades to the municipal water reclamation facility will include the construction of a new 90 x 110 foot building that includes a filtration area, a blower and compressor room, a coagulant feed area, and an electrical room.  Additional piping and conduit will be necessary to connect the new facilities and an equipment loading and unloading area will be expanded with new pavement.

Since this project is partly funded by state money, the managing agency must meet the requirements of Executive Order 05-05, and consider the potential impacts to historic properties prior to project execution.

The cultural resource survey included a review of background materials, including a review of previously identified cultural resources and previously conducted cultural resource surveys in the vicinity, along with pedestrian survey and shovel probing across the Project Area.  No cultural materials or features were observed either during survey or shovel probing of the area of potential effects.

Location: Spokane County, Washington

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