Town of Uniontown, Well #6 Project and Wastewater Facility Improvements

Plateau Archaeological Investigations conducted a cultural resource survey for improvements to the wastewater facility, construction of a new well house, and installation of new waterline in Uniontown.  The project was federally funded and subject to Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, as amended, and its implementing regulations, 36CFR800.

The existing wastewater treatment facility had containment issues which wrought the need to line the existing lagoons and construct wetlands to treat the wastewater.  The existing site covered 14 acres and construction took place within the boundaries of the existing facility in previously disturbed areas.  The second portion of the cultural resource survey involved the proposed location of Well House #6, within the city park.  A transmission line was installed from the well house to the existing distribution system.  The third location was the proposed installation of waterline following Church, St. Boniface, and Woodworth streets.  The waterline served as replacement to the existing waterline, located under the existing paved streets, and measures approximately 1,800 feet in length.

The project areas have been previously disturbed by construction of the wastewater facility; landscaping of the city park; and construction, upkeep, and underground utilities of Church, St. Boniface Street, and Woodworth Street.  No Native American or Euroamerican cultural material was observed during the cultural resource survey of the three locations.

Location: Whitman County, Washington

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