Town of Waterville Water Supply Project

The Town of Waterville planned upgrades to their existing water supply system, including a new well, water transmission pipeline, and refurbishing two existing wells (Well #2 and Well #7).  Additionally, a potential site was chosen to accommodate two new wells.  The location is west of town and may require up to 6,000 feet of new water transmission pipeline to connect the new wells to the existing municipal system.  The project was partially funded by the United States Department of Agricultural Rural Development and is subject to Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (as amended), and must consider the effect of the project on cultural resources.

Plateau Archaeological Investigations completed a pedestrian survey and minimal shovel probing for the proposed transmission line and well, and a pedestrian survey of the three existing wells.  No Native American or Euroamerican cultural material or features were observed during the investigation of the Town of Waterville Water Supply Project.  Plateau recommended that the project proceed as planned without further archaeological investigations.


Location: Douglas County, Washington

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