Twisp Community Trail

The Town of Twisp planned to improve a dirt trail by installing a permeable gravel surface, located on 0.7 acres within the town. The proposed improvements include roughly 0.3 miles of trail at a width of 10 feet. The maximum depth of disturbance for the project is 18 inches.

The cultural resource survey for the Twisp Community Trail Project is intended to identify potential archaeological resources and potential historic properties in the Project Area prior to planned ground disturbing activities. A review of previously recorded cultural resources and archaeological survey found 13 archaeological resources and 28 previously conducted surveys within 1.0-mile of the Project Area. One site, and its associated cultural resource survey, fall within the Project Area. Additionally, background research indicates a village and camp were present near the town park at the confluence of the Methow and Twisp rivers. Thus, there is a very high potential for buried cultural materials in the vicinity of the project.

The archaeological fieldwork was completed with inspection techniques to identify both surface and subsurface archaeological resources. Plateau archaeologists conducted pedestrian survey that covered the entire Project Area, and placed 11 subsurface probes along the trail. Areas near the known site were prioritized for subsurface probing. The pedestrian survey and subsurface probing of the Twisp Community Trail Project resulted in the relocation of the previously recorded site. Cultural materials identified in subsurface probes in the immediate vicinity of the site prompted an expansion of the site length by 4.9 feet, and expansion of the site width by 25.3 feet. The site now intersects the Project Area.

Given the presence of a previously recorded historic site within the project’s APE, and the potential for additional subsurface cultural materials as indicated by the results of both the field investigations and background review, Plateau recommended that all ground disturbing activities take place under the guidance of an Inadvertent Discovery Plan (IDP). In the event that cultural materials are encountered during implementation of this project, the IDP provides appropriate protocols and procedures to follow in accordance with state and federal laws.

Location: Okanogan County, Washington

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