Warden Water Supply Project

The City of Warden is proposing to update the water supply system by reconfiguring their transmission pipeline and well usage.  One well will be reconfigured from farm irrigation use to city supply.  A second well will be converted from city supply to farm irrigation.  A third well will be constructed for city supply.  This new well will reach 600-700 ft (183 – 213 meters [m]) deep, and will require construction of a well house and installation of electrical and chlorination equipment.  The City of Warden retained Plateau Archaeological Investigations to conduct the cultural resource survey.

Pre-field research at the Washington State Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP) in Olympia, Washington revealed two archaeological resources, no historic registered properties, and three cultural resource investigations within 2.0 mi (3.2 km) of the Project Area.

The pedestrian survey and subsurface investigations for the Warden Water Supply Project resulted in no newly recorded cultural resources during the pedestrian survey or subsurface investigations.  The majority of the Project Area has been previously disturbed by the secondary canal construction and the planting and maintaining of the overhead electrical line corridor.  The proposed undertaking will result in No Historic Properties Affected, and no further archaeological investigations are recommended prior to, or during, execution of this project.

Location:  Grant County, Washington

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