Wells Road Bridge Monitoring

The County of Spokane retained Plateau Archaeological Investigations to conduct archaeological monitoring of the Wells Road Bridge (SPOK-2105) Scour Repair Project, constituting less than 1.0 acre between Plaza and Cheney in August 2016. Ground disturbing activities included excavating sediments from under and adjacent to the Wells Road Bridge. In addition, a second area where spoils were dumped was included in the project. A review of previously recorded cultural resources and archaeological surveys was conducted implementing a 1.0 mi (1.6 km) buffer. This revealed no previously conducted cultural surveys or cultural resources.

On-site monitoring was preformed by Plateau for three days during excavations. At the outset of the project, fragments of concrete and other debris were cleaned up near the bridge where the excavator would be stationed throughout most of the work. This debris included a few pieces of broken steel T-posts and a broken idler wheel from a tracked vehicle. Once excavations were complete, Plateau archaeologists returned to the project area to be certain no additional ground disturbing activities were to take place, as well as completing a final visual inspection of the spoils pile.

Due to the fact that no cultural resources were located during excavations, it is Plateau’s opinion that no historic properties were impacted during excavations for the Wells Road Bridge (SPOK-2105) Scour Repair Project.

Location: Spokane County, Washington

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