Plateau Archaeological Investigations, LLC is happy to assist clients with Section 106, SEPA, Washington State Executive Order 05-05, and other compliance issues. Our reports satisfy the requirements of any funding agencies, state departments or agencies, and tribal entities that may comment. Our familiarity with the region and appreciation for the interested parties allows us to provide appropriate and professional solutions.

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  • Section 106 and E.O. 05-05 compliance
  • SEPA and NEPA surveys
  • SEPA environmental checklist; Question 13
  • HABS/HAER reports
  • Project consultation
  • Construction monitoring
  • Inadvertent discovery and monitor plans
  • Archaeological and cultural resources surveys
  • Site testing and evaluations
  • Underwater archaeological services
  • Archival research and state file review
  • Historic research and background reviews
  • Project oversight, management, and review
  • Contextual report preparation
  • Artifact identification and analyses

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