Pangborn Airport Industrial Park Phase II

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Pangborn Airport Industrial Park Phase II

Continued development of the Pangborn Business Park is being planned by the Port of Douglas County.  The Port property consists of 70 acres located on the southwest corner of Pangborn Airport in East Wenatchee, Douglas County, Washington. The north half of the property, constituting 30 acres, has already been developed as Industrial Park Phase I and includes public streets, four buildings constructed for industrial and office use, parking, and landscaping.  The Port is currently preparing to execute Industrial Park Phase II with assistance from the engineering and planning firm, RH2 Engineering. The Phase II development on the south 40 acres of the Port property will prepare the area as “shovel ready” for new construction, and infrastructure will be built to finalize a binding site plan.  Industrial Park Phase II will require constructing an extension of Campbell Parkway, extending public utilities including water and power, and installing telecommunication conduit. Once completed, the Campbell Parkway extension will include a 44 foot road surface flanked by curbs, gutters, and storm water swales.  The route will also include sidewalks, landscaping, and illumination.

The preparation of the property and extension of the infrastructures will be partly funded by a loan from Washington State’s Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB). The CERB funding is a state capital source, requiring Executive Order 05-05 compliance, and consideration of the potential impacts to historic properties prior to project execution. Due to a lack of documentation about cultural resource investigations on the WISAARD, pedestrian survey covering both Phase I and Phase II of the Industrial Park was completed, and Plateau’s resulting report includes discussion of the entire 70 acre project area.

Plateau Archaeological Investigations completed pedestrian survey across the Pangborn Business Park resulting in the discovery of no archaeological sites, features, artifacts, or evidence of cultural resources. This was followed with the excavation of 188 subsurface probes and the screening of 11.1 cubic meters of sediment, again, resulting in no artifacts or evidence of archaeological features, sites, cultural resources, or buried soils identified. This work indicates that execution of the Port of Douglas County’s Industrial Park Phase II Project will result in No Historic Properties Affected. It is recommended that the Phase II Project should proceed as planned with no additional cultural resources or archaeological requirements.

Location: Douglas County