Do you need help with Question 13 of the Washington

State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Questionnaire?

The Department of Ecology updated the SEPA process in 2013.  The updates included changes in the exemptions for cultural resources, and clarifications of the Question 13 inquiries.

Question 13. Historic and Cultural Preservation

  1. Are there any places or objects listed on, or proposed for, national, state, or local preservation registers known to be on or next to the site? If so, generally describe.
  2. Generally describe any landmarks or evidence of historic, archaeological, scientific, or cultural importance known to be on or next to the site.
  3. Proposed measures to reduce or control impacts, if any:

More information about the current process from Washington Department of Ecology [external link]

We will provide answers and documentation to demonstrate that you have addressed this portion of the SEPA checklist in a professional and credible manner.

Using information you provide about the project area and planned activities, we will review your project in the manner required by the checklist, including a review public archaeological and historic databases, historic maps, tribal entities, and local preservation office(s).

We will provide you with text to include in all three parts of Question 13, a letter describing our review process and resulting recommendations, citations of any pertinent resources, and electronic copies of any previous cultural resource survey reports that address your project area.

If additional work such as cultural resource survey, historic properties documentation, site mitigation, or archaeological monitoring are recommended, we can provide a quote for the additional work, or references for other qualified consultants nearer your project.

Plateau Archaeological Investigations, LLC is an established firm that specializes in cultural resource, historic, and archaeological consulting in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

For projects up to 40 acres, this includes:

  • Description of our review process and resulting recommendations.
  • Citations of any pertinent resources.
  • Electronic copies of any previous cultural resource survey reports that address your project area.

Projects covering more than 40 acres may need additional considerations.

Please contact David Harder for more information.