Toxics Cleanup Program – Spokane River Metals Sites Project

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Toxics Cleanup Program – Spokane River Metals Sites Project


Plateau completed a cultural resource survey of the Toxics Cleanup Program – Spokane River Metals Sites Project in Spokane County.  The project is the proposed cleanup of seven shoreline sites, ranging in size from less than 0.5 acre up to 4.0 acres.  These sites have accumulated deposits of metals from historic mining activities in the Coeur d’Alene basin of Idaho.  Implementation of cleanup at these sites requires limited excavation of materials; sediment caps; and disturbance caused by heavy machinery.

Plateau conducted an intensive pedestrian survey of the seven project areas, which resulted in the recordation of two pre-contact sites (a cairn and a weir) and one historic-era site (a foundation).  We also prepared a management plan for each project areas.  While no excavations were planned at the any of the historic properties, Plateau recommended caution near the site boundaries.

At project implementation, six of the clean-up areas were subject to fill, and one clean-up area required excavation.  Plateau recommended that a professional archaeologist should be onsite to monitor the excavations and help insure that ground disturbing activities near Harvard Road did not unduly impact cultural resources.  A total of, 21,600 ft2 of material was excavated to a depth between 0.6 and 1.0 foot.  No pre-contact or historic-era cultural materials or features were observed.

Location: Spokane County, Washington