Wilbur Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements Project

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Wilbur Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements Project

The Town of Wilbur plans upgrades to the wastewater collection and treatment system.  The proposed project includes the reconfiguration of existing treatment lagoon cells, construction of a treatment plant facility structures, installation of a new outfall line, and installation of a new force main line.  The USDA Rural Development is providing partial funding for this project.  Since federal funds are involved, potential impacts to cultural resources must be considered in compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA).

Lagoons that will be reconstructed were not surveyed or probed since this area has already been physically disturbed.  The new treatment plant structures will be made up of one to two buildings, with a footprint of approximately 2,200 square feet.  About 1,300 linear feet of new outfall pipe will be constructed for discharge to Goose Creek, and 5,300 linear feet of new force main line will be constructed parallel to the existing force main line that extends from the existing main lift station to the lagoons.

Background review of the Wilbur area indicates that an ethnographic village was present in the area, and historic references and local information suggests that an Indian camp may have been very near the location of the proposed force main. Survey of all the proposed locations of disturbance revealed an absence of cultural resources.  Probing within the proposed Treatment Structures Project Area found an absence of Native American and historic-era artifacts.

Information about the Indian Camp suggests that monitoring by a professional archaeologist during excavations within certain areas of the Force Main Project Area would be prudent.  If additional materials indicate a more precise location for the camp, an archaeologist should review and adjust the recommendations accordingly.

Location: Lincoln County, Washington