North Valley Hospital Expansion Project

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North Valley Hospital Expansion Project

In January 2009, Plateau began cultural resource investigations at the North Valley Hospital in Tonasket, Washington.  The expansion project included construction of a hospital annex, two parking lots, and associated infrastructure.  The project was funded through capital funds, and as such, had to meet the requirements of Executive Order 05-05 and consider impacts to cultural and historical resources.

The hospital and areas to be impacted by the expansion project were reviewed during the pedestrian survey, but no subsurface investigations were conducted due to hardscape and utilities.  Tonasket lies within a region rich in Native American occupation, and Plateau recommended archaeological monitoring for all ground disturing activities.

Between February and September of 2009, Plateau provided archaeological monitoring for all mechanical excavations within the North Valley Hospital expansion project.  Excavation activity included the grading of the proposed parking lot, and the excavation of various utility trenches and footprint for the hospital annex.  In all, monitoring of about 31,264.8 ft3 (888.3 m3) of materials was performed.  During the excavations, 194.3 ft3 (5.5 m3) of the excavated material was passed through ¼ inch mesh to search for cultural materials.  A single historic-era artifact scatter was recorded as a result of archaeological monitoring.

Location: Okanogan County, Washington